Where We Come From

In our different ways and on our unique journeys we have been involved in different aspects of leadership development, people growth, multi-culturalism and positive psychology for more than two decades. Just as a tapestry grows over time and as new colours are woven in so we have created an eclectic offering. With a mix of industrial psychology, organisational development and change, spiral dynamics, emotional intelligence, typology and various specialised facilitation techniques to support growth on individual, group and organisational levels in the context of the industry and society.

For a long time, we searched for a way to offer an individuation coaching journey, underpinned by archetypal wisdom and storytelling, as a way to help people find their own voice. In this search, from our different fields of interests, we discovered the work of Dr Avi Goren-Bar. In a way, we came full circle in our organisational development group practice that was Jungian based. We are honoured to offer the Jungian Coaching School Africa, with Dr Avi Goren-Bar. The ICF accreditation provides the required depth, credibility, the continuous development points that are needed to continue growing and creating a life-long learning experience.

This is a journey for all – whether you are a hero that heard a call and want to make life decisions, maybe you need to remember what makes you uniquely you, maybe you come from a minority group and could not express your voice? The wise words of Jung that said that we must make an adult choice of becoming fulfilled or cynical when we are old, highlights the importance of the journey for us all.

The Jungian Coaching School was founded by Dr Avi Goren-Bar in Israel. The programme evolved internationally with the establishment of Jungian Coaching Schools in Turkey, Greece and now, Africa with its ACSTH – ICF (International Coaching Federation) programme.

The Founder of
Jungian Coaching

Dr. Avi Goren-Bar

Founder, Senior Lecturer & Academic Manager

Dr Avi Goren-Bar has a PhD and is a CTI Co-Active & Jungian Coach. He graduated from the three-year Jerusalem Jungian programme in 1993. Dr Goren-Bar is a Clinical and Educational Psychologist and Certified Expressive Arts Therapist, a member of the European Gestalt Association and a Jungian Coach. He has conducted six years of Jungian Analysis. In the past seven years, he has led six ongoing programmes in Expressive Arts Therapy and Jungian Coaching in Tel-Aviv, Istanbul, Athens, Ljubljana and Zagreb. Dr Goren-Bar developed the practical programme of Jungian Coaching for coaches, executives, leaders and therapists, and is a master in the practical application of psychodynamic theories. Dr Goren-Bar has extensive experience providing organisational consulting services, and has done so for numerous companies and firms in Israel, among them the Israeli Defense Forces, Ministry of Education and hi-tech companies such as Teva, Intel and Amdox.

The African Team