"I think it was really valuable. The ease of which you were able to unpack my external need to 'Earn more for a safe future' to the internal need of being 'Connected and more physical'. I definitely will be in touch for a session soon."
"The way you conducted the session was amazing, I really appreciate it and please can I buy a coaching series for a friend of mine."
"Thank you for the session. I am delighted with the insights."
"I'm so grateful for Jungian coaching and my Amazing Coach."
"I was feeling depressed and had not much hope left. At first I thought it was a different version of counselling and mentoring but it is was beyond that. Everything changed when I had my first session. I felt empowered to dig deep within and that all the answers I needed was within me."
"I was able to identify the root of my problems and was able to deal with them individually. I was always looking forward to my next session because it felt like an adventure to self-discovery. The most amazing thing with this coaching was not only helping me to find hope, happiness and joy but to find myself."
"Getting to know who I am as a person and realising my worth. I have learned to self-regulate. I now pay attention to what is happening within me which gives me power to maintain how I feel every day. I have learned to embrace both my weaknesses and my strengths therefore creating a balanced life."
"Now I feel confident and comfortable with who I am. It has helped me to fall in love with life and above all I have fallen in love with myself. In every session I felt vulnerable and safe at the same time I have never been in a place where I felt so comfortable to express myself without any fear."
"This has completely changed my life. I hope many will find out about Jungian coaching, it's worth it and it's life changing."
"Sometimes you wonder why people come into your life. Monday started as a normal week and then suddenly I found myself in Johannesburg on a 4 day journey with 13 people around a table. Little did I know what these 4 days would would mean to me. I am looking forward to the next 6 months and the journey that I will be walking with self and the people around me. For now I know to take a breath, to be still and to remember that there is so much more than what we allow ourselves to see. Go deep and discover!
Thank you Ruan Viljoen and the Jungian Coaching School for Africa, I am forever thankful for the exposure and experience."
"You have brought an instrument of great healing to our country. Avi's knowledge and teaching style is gifted."